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Zhongshan precision magnet manufacturer of choice - right Ricky magnet card factory

by:Newland     2020-03-24
Ricky magnet card factory is a specialized manufacturer of custom magnets, is the right choice for zhongshan all types of manufacturers, is now in zhongshan district also has a lot of customers, such as motors, electrical appliances, telecommunications, toys, fan ceiling fans, acoustics, magnetic floating products such as customer, need to consult, factory address: Wan Jiang street new port avenue and industrial area. Ricky magnet card manufacturers have what advantage? The price is reasonable: Ricky is located in the manufacturing city of dongguan, the first is located in the center of shenzhen and guangzhou, the transportation is convenient, at the same time make it waterway, highway, railway. Aircraft and other aspects of the transportation is convenient, greatly increase the raw material of the magnet into the way. Compared with other parts of the single after traffic problems and make the supply of goods is not stable, not like Ricky magnet card factory can continue a steady supply of goods. The choice of a variety of channels of raw materials, also makes the card more rich on the choice of raw materials, also caused the magnet price is lower than other manufacturers of the same performance advantage. Quality: Ricky magnet card factory was established in 1998, the long-term accumulated experience technique makes Ricky staff card has an unusual in magnet technology, for the understanding of tolerance is fine to fine. And talent technology relative to the science and technology, modern professional machinery under the anaerobic environment of high vacuum produced by the magnet performance and promote further development. Ricky magnet can let the customer in the factory to produce high quality, high performance, is is 33 eh, Y40 can do. Single magnetization, the magnetization magnetization direction and multipolar and how all kinds of zinc, Ni, black epoxy, gonadorelin surface finishes can do. Product performance to meet customer demand by any special requirements, professional and strong. Excellent service: good magnet delivery. Under various convenient traffic advantages, combined with enterprise specially used car and express company, from the sample magnet will be timely delivery of goods to the destination, has maintained the good delivery date. Ricky service delivery is good, not only card is adhering to the service with a smile, from the network, telephone, qq, ali wangwang, such as the major platform for 24 hours, timely treatment, guarantee the timeliness requirements. A full range of human services, is committed to solve customer demand for any product, at the same time card Ricky let the customer take a product at the same time, also can harvest a good mood. Excellent delivery and perfect service attitude is Ricky magnet card factory advantage. High performance, a tough, demanding magnet customization we are more like it, we are not the same. Related to zhongshan local magnet manufacturer guess you interested; Zhongshan do magnet manufacturers ( Which is good)
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