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Zhongshan do magnet manufacturers ( Which is good)

by:Newland     2020-03-24
Magnet factory is introduced in the whole area of zhongshan, zhongshan estimate there are hundreds of large and small magnet suppliers, among zhongshan magnet manufacturer in, find a reliable magnet manufacturer is not easy, today, Ricky magnet small make up card gives you a list of zhongshan magnet company list, only for your reference. Zhongshan magnet manufacturers list ( Source of baidu) A, zhongshan strong magnet co. , LTD. 1, the factory introduces zhongshan strong magnet co. , LTD is a professional engaged in various types of magnetic materials research and development, production, sales for the integration of private enterprises, mainly produces ndfeb, ferrite, according to customer request processing into tiles shape, circular, trapezoidal, special-shaped products such as; Products are widely used in audio equipment, permanent magnet motor, electronics, toys, hardware, lighting, packaging and other fields. 2, the company address xiaolan town, zhongshan city, guangdong province three periods of sunshine beauty plus a 10 CARDS ( By the Shanghai pudong development bank) 3, the company's web site http://www. jinqiang - 玛格。 Com/A 2, zhongshan and special electronic technology co. , LTD. 1, manufacturer to introduce m and special electronic technology co. , LTD. , zhongshan city, is located Yu Guofu sun yat-sen's hometown - - - - - - - - - - - - - Zhongshan city, the factory located at the southern tip of zhongshan tan chau town. Adjacent to the 15 minutes drive from macau. Is set injection ferrite particles and injection molding magnetic rotor, magnetic ring, magnetic bar and so on, development, production, sales and service in a body comprehensive enterprise. 2, factory address of smoke cloud zhongshan tan chau town road no. 7 3, the company's web site http://www. imaat。 Cn/three girl magnetic materials co. , LTD. , zhongshan ice 1, the company introduces zhongshan ice girl magnetic materials co. , LTD is a company specializing in the production of high, medium and low performance of rare earth permanent magnet materials and plastic hardware products, rubber products. The main products are sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb, injection molding, rubber magnetic, magnetic suction hardware components, plastic, hardware products, etc. 2 the third industrial zone, the company address zhongshan tan chau town tong bystreet, 9 3, the company's web site without the company's official website. Four, zhongshan high magnetoelectric co. , LTD. 1, the manufactory profile zhongshan high magnetoelectric co. , LTD. , was founded in 1991, currently has formed a large-scale production of products are: rubber, plastic magnetic magnetic, sintered ferrite, sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb, magnetic products, magnetic health care supplies, car central control door lock, etc. 2, factory address in southern town of zhongshan city industrial zone of hua yong sheng road 1, 3, the company's web site without website five, zhongshan spill source magnetic metal products co. , LTD. 1, the company introduces zhongshan spill source magnetic metal products co. , LTD. The two categories of products: the main magnetic materials and magnetic products ndfeb ( Sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb) , ferrite ( Gay ferrite, heterosexual ferrite) , rubber, rubber magnets, alnico, samarium cobalt, and can be widely used in electrical, aviation, machinery, electronics, medical, toys, stationery, etc. 2 the first industrial zone, the company address zhongshan tan chau town mound hing road 1, 3, the company's web site http://www. mainrich - 磁。 com/( The foreign trade website) Six, xiaolan town of zhongshan city Johnson magnetic materials plant 1, the company introduced Johnson magnetic materials plant is a focus on the production of various kinds of dry pressing heterosexual ferrite rotor radial orientation and heterosexual ferrite multipole radial orientation rotor and rotor of the strong magnetic ndfeb, aquarium submersible silicon steel sheet, steel shaft, ceramic shaft. 2, the company address two industrial zone of xiaolan town of zhongshan city in guangdong joint off road 12, 3, the enterprise website http://www. dechangciye。 Com/zhongshan magnet manufacturer which good? There is no best, only better, suitable for their own good, above lists some zhongshan magnet manufacturer for you, hope to help you procurement. Understand card rich friends all know that we are the manufacturer of permanent magnet, actually we find magnet manufacturer also is not necessary to have to find a local. Because most of the time, choose a magnet manufacturer, the importance of word of mouth than the importance of the region is much higher, so you need to offer, proofing magnet, also can contact us directly card rich. And zhongshan magnets related articles; Zhongshan customers for holding a steady beat the circular just some close to the specification
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