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Yuntai brushless motor with a magnet Bonded ndfeb circle

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Yuntai brushless motor rotor is permanent magnet steel, rely on the change of input to the yuntai brushless motor stator coil of alternating current wave frequency and waveform, the winding coil around a rotating magnetic field, electrical geometry axis on the magnetic field to drive the rotor permanent magnet magnetic rotation, the motor turns up. Especially today brushless motor than have no brush brush motor, low noise, smooth operation, low interference, long service life, low maintenance cost and other advantages. Due to the market orientation is high technology is high profits, the performance of the motor and the number of magnetic steel, magnetic steel, magnetic flux intensity is closely related, so the capacity of small and medium of the permanent magnet brushless dc motor (BLDCM) began to be popular. But the magnet is different genres: some general route, is the use of this ferrite magnet; And some go high-end line, the use of adhesive ndfeb ring. Below we highlight yuntai brushless motor - Bonded ndfeb ring. It is reported, bonded ndfeb single side wall thickness can be 1 mm or so, small make up some of the specifications of the customer needs to mostly is 1. About 5 mm. Bonded ndfeb salt spray test 72 hours or more, and the maximum working temperature of 150 - 180℃。 Product forming at a time, without secondary processing, can be directly to make all kinds of complicated shape. Every direction of bonded ndfeb magnetic, combined with general bonded ndfeb commonly used surface treatment for the electrophoresis epoxy, so bonded ndfeb magnets with high precision, strong magnetic, strong corrosion resistance, high temperature performance advantage. Because of yuntai models are the same, different in poor point size, can lead to one false step will make a great difference. May be processed ndfeb compression mould and injection mould. So the dongguan card rich magnetoelectricity technology companies to provide professional advisory services free of charge. Emphasis on harmony of cooperation, not just sloganeering, give us a chance, also let you more choice. Sometimes communication is necessary, one thousand we are an ideal magnet supplier you are looking for? Bonded magnets related article: how to distinguish between bonded ndfeb bonded magnets and sintered ndfeb magnet processing custom - Dongguan Ricky bonded ndfeb card manufacturers
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