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you won’t believe what’s inside this house for sale in brantford

by:Newland     2019-11-12
Two people from the street
The bedroom homes sold at Brentford don\'t seem to be notable-
Until you see all the clowns in there.
House located at 222 Chatham Street
Described as \"charming brick house bungalow on quiet streets close to schools and parks\" for $239,900, excluding clowns.
But real estate agent Kyle jinsinck is not joking, he says it is likely to be sold and the interest is high.
The family\'s clown series spans every room in the house, just like a photo of a real estate agent. Ca website display.
The walls are hung with porcelain clown dolls, cyclists, clowns on swings, clown magnets, Ronald MacDonald clowns, clown artwork, clown wallpapers in the corner of the restaurant, there are even clown statues standing like housekeepers.
In the living room, the clowns were spread out on their own mini chairs, a group of clowns crowded into larger chairs, and the glass cabinets were filled with more clowns.
\"If I had to guess, there could be 1,500 people,\" said Michael McManis, 59 . \" His mother has something in common with her.
The house is being sold by legal partners.
\"Just don\'t move one or the other (my mother)
He added.
McManis has never lived at home in person, but his mother and her partner have spent the last 30 + years there and have been collecting clowns for the last 25 years.
The collection started as a weekend event for homeowners, but McManis said he had no idea why they picked clowns to collect.
\"I will never know.
He said with a smile, \"I don\'t know.
\"Maybe it\'s because there\'s so much and it\'s cheap.
\"What he knows is that this is an interesting activity for them.
They go out every weekend to find a clown they like, which they don\'t have yet.
McManis\'s mother and her 80-year-old partner will move in with him and his wife after the house is sold.
As to whether the Joker will move in as well, McManis says only \"a few\" will be laid off.
He doesn\'t like clowns like his mom and her partner.
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