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You buy the service life of ndfeb magnet is how long?

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Many customers will ask me to buy back the ndfeb magnet on warehouse inside a few months or half a year not demagnetization? Will the poles disorder? Small make up to tell you: shenzhen star and magnetic industry has met the requirement of the magnet location and temperature will not appear this situation, also known as strong magnetic ndfeb magnet, permanent magnet and stored properly, the surface coating damage, but high temperature demagnetization situation will not appear since no magnet demagnetization so certainly not bad, life is permanent. In the recent 30 years, got very widely used permanent magnet materials. Also greatly improves the value of the permanent magnet material in the market. The midterm, that is the most widely used ndfeb magnet. Not only in electric hybrid digital products, especially in the maglev industry that is quite popular, a product in the market of active prosperity also spawned many producers, for professionals, to distinguish the quality of ndfeb is not a problem, but for amateurs, how to choose the magnet with good quality? First, we need to see the raw material of production control, production of raw materials must comply with state standards. Many businesses in order to benefit, loophole in the raw materials, are not up to the standard of the country, so they reduce the performance of the magnet. Second, the magnet manufacturer's equipment and production technology. Our country produces ndfeb two pressing forming method is usually adopted. Advanced technology, of course, not only to increase production, also can improve the quality. At present, the technology of the SC, HD, JM these three are the most advanced. Third, look at the size of the magnet. The strength of the factory and technology determines the size of the magnet. Because in the process of production of ndfeb, process is more complicated, and is not a lot of time can pass cutting processing process again. And different shapes of magnets have different sizes, if you want to meet customer required size and quality, so the factory's technical strength is critical. Fourth, the summary of life is the key to the surface coating. To avoid high temperature oxidation and corrosion of weak acid liquid, to prolong the service life of the magnet, it is usually on the surface of magnetic coating, generally common plating nickel, nickel, copper, nickel, zinc, color zinc, epoxy, send gonadorelin, etc. , according to the different needs of customers, choose different coating, and other commonly used coating, we also can do, if you don't know much about the magnet industry, can you tell me your product demand, we recommend a solution for you, so that you choose, please see the below contact information.
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