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You are concerned about the magnet material problems are all here together, finish see will understand

by:Newland     2020-03-19
You are concerned about the magnet material related issues are all here together, after I read this article is enough. Many friends pay attention to the material of magnet, such as the material of magnet is generally? What material is high strength magnets? What's most high-temperature magnet material? The magnet material in the stator? As well as the motor magnet material and so on. Ricky xiaofu magnet producers card today to introduce special on this issue. 1, magnet material classification introduced not familiar friends may not be clear, actually the material of magnet has a lot of, mainly is the permanent magnetic and soft magnetic, how do you understand? Permanent magnet is normally with magnetic, soft magnetic no magnetic, this article mainly about permanent magnet. Ndfeb material: the strongest magnetic magnetic materials, high cost performance, widely used, the performance of the ordinary only 80 degrees of heat-resistant, the highest working temperature is 200 ℃. Ferrite material: low cost, magnetic weaker, heat-resistant anti-corrosive performance is very good, so you don't normally electroplating. Samarium cobalt magnet: material price is expensive, the coercive force and good temperature characteristics of a reliable, but most of the time is replaced by ndfeb, and ndfeb magnets, samarium cobalt is more suitable for working in high temperature environment. Alnico magnets, alnico permanent magnet low mechanical strength, high hardness, brittle, poor machinability. 2, the strongest magnetic magnet material is what kind of? It also has said, the strongest magnetic ndfeb material. So I should choose strong attraction is that it. 3, stator magnet material are ndfeb magnet material in the stator tile shape magnetic steel and ferrite magnet tiles. 4, used in motor magnet material magnet material is very much also, this depends on the customer's specific use, also useful rubber magnetic, mostly with permanent magnet is given priority to, such as the bonded ndfeb, injection molding, injection ndfeb, ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring, ndfeb magnetic tile, ferrite magnetic tile, etc. 5, magnet material is generally? See the customer product application, a version is ferrite and ndfeb magnet application market dosage of these two big. As is the number of ferrite, as on the speakers also useful summary of. Motor with ferrite Y30 above or Y30BH tile type magnetic steel, 120 - and heat resistance 180 ° of ndfeb magnetic tile. 6, what kind of powerful magnet material is not easy to broken? No non-friable powerful magnets, magnet is powder metallurgy, can only be relative to a magnet material, the characteristics of the magnet is the stronger the magnetism is crisp, and the easier it is to be broken, as ndfeb, sintering or bonding process, is easy to be broken, basic easy to fall off the ground Angle or fracture. 7, excuse me, are not easily broken magnets have? Have, such as rubber, plastic magnetic class is not easily broken. , the article you concern the magnet material are all here together is introduced here, if there is no introduction to questionable friends welcome to contact us. Relevant magnet material articles; Injection ferrite with what kind of material more resistant to high temperature sintered ferrite? Ferrite magnet has the highest field strength can do it?
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