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world faces hi-tech crunch as china eyes ban on rare metal exports

by:Newland     2019-11-06
A draft report from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China calls for a total ban on foreign shipments of tb, dy, y, thul and lute.
Other metals, such as nd, eu, ce and la, will be restricted to export quotas of 35,000 tons per year, well below global demand.
China has more than 95 pc rare earth reserves, mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia.
The move to hoard foreign exchange reserves is by far the most obvious sign that the global struggle to reduce resources is entering a new stage.
It may be difficult for countries to obtain key materials at any price.
Alistair Stephens from Arafura, Australia\'s rare metals group, said his contacts in China had received a copy of the draft ---
2009-development plan of rare earth industry2015’.
China\'s State Council will make any decision.
\"This is not a problem for China to demand ransom from all over the world.
\"They say we need these resources to develop our own economy and achieve energy efficiency, so look for your own supply,\" he said . \".
Stephens said that in the early 1990 s, China\'s floods flooded the market, closing the largest rare earth mine in the U. S. mountain pass in California, causing global competitors to close --
It is now being revived by Molycorp Minerals.
Since then, new technologies have increased the value and strategic importance of these metals, but it will take several years to obtain new supplies from deposits in Australia, North America and South Africa.
Rare earth families are hard to find and harder to extract.
Stephens said the project in Western Australia produced a ton of 800,000 US dollars of rare earth.
It\'s the key ingredient of low-energy light-bulbs.
With the wholesale of tungsten bulbs from China to the latest low-
Reduce power costs by 40 PCs of wattage bulbs.
No nd replacement was found that can improve the power of the magnet at high temperature, which is for hard-
Disk drives, wind turbines, and motors for hybrid cars.
Each Toyota Prius uses 25 pounds of the rare earth elements.
The catalytic converters for diesel engines use rare earth and rare earth elements.
The laser uses eu.
A small amount of rare earth metal is used for blackberries, ipod, mobile phones, flat-screen TVs, navigation systems and anti-aircraft missiles.
They are used to filter viruses and bacteria from water and clean up sarin gas and VX nerve reagents.
Australia\'s Arafura, Pass and Lynas Corp will be able to produce about 50,000 tons of rare earth metals by mid-term
But that is not enough to meet the growing world demand.
New uses have been emerging, and some promises have made a huge leap in efficiency.
Tokyo Institute of Technology has made a breakthrough in the use of rare earth metals, rare earth metals reduce the friction of power lines and may reduce leakage.
The Japanese government has developed a strategy to ensure a stable supply of rare metals \".
It called for plans to \"reserve\" and \"protect overseas resources.
The Western countries have not yet caused a stir.
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