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Working principle of the electric rice cooker magnetic steel is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Dongguan Ricky magnet card manufacturer, specializing in the production of custom make all kinds of ndfeb strong magnet magnetic steel, electric rice cooker magnetic steel, motor, the hall sensor magnets, magnets, float switch sensor magnets, etc. Small make up today is about electric rice cooker magnetic steel, then the electric rice cooker mainly with magnet? The working principle of electric magnetic steel is a? Along with the below small make up together to get to know understanding. What is the magnetic steel rice cooker? Magnetic steel electric rice cooker refers to installing in the center of the rice cooker heating plate of the heat release switch, this switch is the use of a permanent magnet overheating after weakening magnetic feature to work, so everyone call it magnetic steel. Working principle of the electric rice cooker magnetic steel? The basic principle is a bimetallic strip temperature control. Is a temperature control element is also called thermal magnetic steel, its general factory is a fixed value, arriving at a certain temperature, the magnets will demagnetization, rice cooked, it will depend on the reacting force of spring power off when cooking with the hand press start switch, through transmission pole permanent magnet and soft magnets, its suction is greater than the spring elastic and permanent magnet of its own gravity, so the permanent magnets will not fall, contact closure, circuit connected, hot plate began to fever. When rice cooked, temperature continues to rise, when up to 103 ℃, sudden loss of magnetic soft magnet, permanent magnet under its own gravity and spring spring of the whereabouts, divide the contact through the transmission rod, circuit disconnect, hot plate to stop heating. Thus limiting temperature effect. When the temperature drops, bimetallic strip recover gradually, when the temperature is lower than the heat preservation temperature, the location of the moving piece below pivot position, under the action of storage can promptly contact closure, circuit connected. So although limited probe is disconnected, but warmer constantly moves can attain the goal of heat preservation. Guess you concern: electric rice cooker magnetic steel points wattage? Magnetic steel regardless of wattage, rice cooker Pan 】 Power depends on the size of the heating plate, the greater the power, the shorter the cooking time, boil a pot of rice, as it were, high-power electric cooker 【 Pan 】 The actual power consumption is better than that of small power rice cooker 【 Pan 】 。 Electric rice cooker magnetic steel limit temperature probe is work? Heated to 103 - 105 degrees, automatically jump, just using the magnet is the working temperature range ( Using M performance ndfeb) 。 The article electric rice cooker with magnet? Electric rice cooker magnetic steel working principle is introduced by the strong magnet manufacturers card Ricky xiaofu share, the above data compilation in the Internet. Welcome to reprint.
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