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Words high-temperature strong magnet ability how high temperature?

by:Newland     2020-05-01
I always heard in the market's magnetic, strong magnetic, permanent magnet, high temperature resistant powerful magnets, etc. , all kinds of industry in big words look dazzling, star and the small make up today and you about 'high-temperature magnet'. In the industrial, commercial, high temperature resistant magnet prevailed in magnets with high temperature resistant properties. 'what material? The temperature of the highest powerful magnets to withstand much higher? The following introduction one by one to you. Magnet is mainly divided into two categories, 'permanent magnet' and 'non permanent magnets'. A permanent magnet can be a natural product, also called lodestone, can also be made by artificial ( The most powerful magnet is neodymium magnets, powerful magnets) 。 Rather than permanent magnets, and only under certain conditions will have magnetic, usually in the form of electromagnet, the electric current is used to strengthen its magnetic field. In the permanent magnet is divided into many kinds of material of the magnet, ndfeb strong magnet, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets, etc. To star a small make up knowledge, samarium cobalt magnet can under the environment of high temperature magnetic force the same, can work under high temperature environment is much higher than 500 ℃ 600℃。 Is obvious, resistance to high temperature and strong magnet means, can keep unchanged magnetic magnet under the high-temperature environment. High temperature resistant powerful magnets are the most high temperature can reach 600 ℃? Such as 450 ℃ ferrite permanent magnet, ndfeb strong magnet 310 ℃, 750 ℃ samarium cobalt, alnico 850 ℃. If more than the temperature, magnetic can produce unreliable. Within the highest working temperature, magnetic can also has a tendency to reduce falls, related to work related nodes. After more than 1500 degrees, will be melt, demagnetization phenomenon.
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