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With 3 m double-sided adhesive ndfeb magnet application is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-14
3 m double-sided adhesive ndfeb magnets and stick rubber magnet, this kind of product combination collection of ndfeb strong magnetic force and high viscosity double-sided adhesive, it can solve the problem of adsorption of the iron and iron objects, at the same time solve the one-off use and after use double-sided adhesive stain difficult problem. The magnet is mainly used for DIY supplies and packaging, it must be noted that, for the double-sided plastic magnet is usually in pairs on the box. For example: two pieces of small round piece one piece is N 3 m glue, the other is S very 3 m glue. So both in use process, not the face of the double-sided adhesive can be opposites attract, to work, in order to reduce the cost, consider the magnet + magnets with iron + magnet. Hairpin fell off of adornment is still very new, how to recycle? Stick on small magnet on the back, then it had again make new USES, the fridge, you can do a simple decoration, can stick a note. 3 m glue the magnet is more used in consumer electronics, two years before the car magnet stents more fire is to use the 3 m glue + magnets/metal composite, the atmosphere inside the car lamp, absorb dome light products, many are using the 3 m glue the magnet. And so on, there are a lot of, you know what? The company support custom all kinds of conventional ndfeb strong magnet and irregular shaped ndfeb strong magnet, if you have any offer need welcome to contact. This article also has a lot of people pay close attention to; Various shapes and the use of magnet is introduced
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