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will wifi affect my pacemaker?

by:Newland     2019-10-14
We have had a desktop computer for many years but I recently bought a laptop and currently I just use it to play games.
I want to use Wi when I\'m away from home-connect it to the Internet
Fi but I have a pacemaker and be alert for any side effects that this may cause.
Clive Delamore, by email, you should address this type of problem to your consultant or cardiologist, but in fact, you are often exposed to a very wide range of RF signals, many of them are much more powerful than the relatively weak emissions of laptops and wireless routers.
The pacemakers work in this environment, including
Sea of radio frequency radiation from mobile phones and base stations, emergencies and public services
Radio, television and radio transmission, taxi office, wireless hotspot-
Even in the hospital.
There are countless other sources.
Still, there are a lot of reports that pacemakers users claim they are affected by the wireless signal, so you shouldn\'t risk insisting on \"6-
The inch\' rules issued by some organizations, including the British Heart Foundation ()
And Wi manufacturers
A Fi product like Apple basically says you shouldn\'t put any wireless or electronic devices, or a strong magnet at 15 cm or 6-
It\'s only a few inches away from your pacemaker, but I have to stress again that you should talk to an expert.
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