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why you should switch to low alcohol booze

by:Newland     2019-11-22
Drinking cold wine outside is the focus of London\'s summer weekend.
There is no reason to exist in July and August unless the maximum number of these nine weekends is spent in parks, gardens or sidewalks.
But the problem with summer courses is that it\'s too long. yay, sun!
Let\'s hang out six times more than usual! —
This means accidentally drinking enough craft IPA to stun a big pig.
If you are drinking from noon to dusk, you need to be low
Alcohol in your hand.
The beer brand leads the barrier-free environment here.
For example, bermonsey-
The small beer brewing company, headquartered in the brewery, was named after the light, low ABV that everyone drank in the 18 th century, when the water itself was too polluted to drink.
Former Sipsmith gin producer James Grundy and Felix James said that when we found ourselves out for a social lunch, they started small beers, scanned pump clips, and looked for beer that wouldn\'t slow us down, and soon realized that it did not exist.
You can get great taste at high intensity, and you can also have a glass of ABV beer that reduces the taste.
So they started working and made a black beer coffee of 1% ABV.
Marmite is rich in depth and crisp.
1% more refreshing beer than water, almost no more fattening --
The heat of a small beer is half that of a regular beer.
Increase the use of water from 8-
Produce 10 pint from one pint of beer to one pint.
Drinking beer is actually a moral obligation.
More wine comes from light beer and wine table beer from the Kernel Brewery, and the price of 3% can let you spend the whole Saturday afternoon outside the brewery, taste the delicious taste of the Maltby Street market without being hit.
If you really want to reduce the amount of wine, there are super cool Danish winemaker Mikkeller, which makes four stonking low ABVs including grapefruit --
Package 0% energiajer and 0.
3% drink a perfect light beer in the sun and a bottle of less than 50 calories.
In the process of jumping on the carriage, the spirit is also following the seeds --
In the mass market, Gordon\'s G & T extra low bottle is less than 0. 5% alcohol;
At the level of independent craft, there is the maverick Willie Pollard in the town of Kentish, the women\'s gentleman bar, who shapes his norlow spirit, a mixture of 1%, with all the wine, not drunk.
Glenn Di and James say consumer drinking habits are changing.
\"We all still want social occasions, but not the\" slowdown \"that is usually associated with them later \". Avoid slo-
Don\'t drink yourself this summer through a slightly sober summer sesh.
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