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Why use a magnet on the stereo? The sound and the role of the circular is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Why use a magnet on the stereo? Add the magnet is the main purpose of what? Sound for today's young people, it is all-knowing, dismiss, is everyone love of electronic products, when you put the sound to the loudest, broadcast to songs will be distorted, serious direct buzzing or chirp called, brings is dance male/female pace of confusion, and severe damage to the good mood. For that is circular and with it, however, it appeared on the sound, not only can take these one by one to eliminate noise, can also use the original sound, driven more clear, bright, bring is the dancers dance the beautiful mood. This is the circular on the stereo effect, mainly audio playing songs, met a murmur of the jamming signal strikes, and magnetic ring is designed to combat interference signal, a necessary medicine. The circular on the stereo, not blindly to add without a goal, and be sure to add in the right place, otherwise the slightest doesn't work. The right place is near the disturbance sources as far as possible, is where there is interference plus there can, such as unclear where there is interference, can be in the power cord or audio circuit board, and the output signal and can be there, with it on the sound, not only can avoid jamming signal, also can cause audio broadcast a beautiful song. Read the article from the network, the article why want to use the magnet on the stereo? Add the magnet is the main purpose of what? Believe that you know. The company mainly produces all kinds of strong ndfeb magnets, trumpet magnetic ring, and all kinds of magnet, welcome to consult. Ferrite magnet products: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin/chanpin_124_1. html
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