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Why the ndfeb magnet is easy to corrode _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Ndfeb magnet is very easy to corrode. For this reason, most finished products to the plating or coating. Regular use of surface treatment including, China magnet for network to provide you with) Nickel plating (: Nickel and copper nickel) , galvanized, aluminum plating, electrophoresis, etc. If the work in a closed environment, also can adopt the way of phosphating.         Ndfeb magnet is widely used at present, fast-growing magnet products. Ndfeb from invention to now widely used, but also more than 20 years of time. Because of its high magnetic and workability, the price is not high, so the application area to expand rapidly. At present, the commercialization of ndfeb magnetic energy product can reach 50 mgoe, is 10 times of iron oxide.         Ndfeb is powder metallurgy products, processing way like samarium cobalt. At present, the summary of the highest working temperature at 180 degrees Celsius. If it is a bad environment application, generally recommend no more than 140 degrees Celsius.         Features: ndfeb magnet with usually compared with ferrite magnetic materials such as ndfeb magnets have excellent magnetic properties. The magnetic energy product is much higher than other types of magnets, but said & quot; A generation of king of magnetic & quot; 。 Ndfeb magnet high saturation magnetization Bs ( b = 16公斤) HA and magnetocrystalline anisotropy field ( 哈= 73 koe) , ndfeb magnet products are widely used in packaging, toys, gifts crafts, fitness magnetron cars, motors, micro-motor, computer, instruments, meters, motorcycles, cameras, clocks and watches, audio, home appliances, office automation, magnets and various fields of daily life.         Due to the high magnetic ndfeb, on many occasions, is used to replace other magnetic materials, to reduce the volume of products. If use ferrite magnets, mobile phone size now, I'm afraid to not less than half a piece of brick.
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