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Why the magnet manufacturer magnet quotation differ so big?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Many friends need to purchase customized magnet tend to find several magnet manufacturers price comparison, since it is more than, the magnet price is uneven, and then will be wondering, why the same specifications of the magnet price will differ so big? This exactly is what reason is caused? Small make up today is what you know to say with you. A, the demand is not clear in some customers don't know yourself to what material of the magnet, and need not to need high temperature resistance, lead to some salesman wrong material error. Second, the cost is not the same as we all know, ordinary ndfeb common performance also is the commonly used N35, but at present, there are also many manufacturers use N33, N28 pretending to be replaced, price nature will also be a lot cheaper. Third, the magnet manufacturers. Chances are you looking for a reseller, not a direct manufacturer, price nature is much higher than you are looking for direct factory price, now do magnet trade also many, you can put forward to meet request to visit, look at is how to respond to you. Fourth, quality after-sales quality after-sale, also will greatly affect the price of the magnet. The last small make up want to say is, the price for each product has its reasons, if an enterprise wants to survive, it is impossible to live cheap and good quality magnet products. A: the magnet classification have? Next article: powerful magnet price how many?
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