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Why the magnet can only absorb iron and copper

by:Newland     2020-04-27
First shaped magnets have forces on all kinds of metal, but the magnet manufacturer also points size paramagnetic material can be attracted by magnet slightly will be a magnet, reverse magnet mild rejection. And attracted by magnet strong ferromagnetic experiencing. Alien magnet manufacturer nickel stainless steel can be magnet ( Strong) To attract. Do not contain nickel stainless steel ( Usually contains chromium) This iron reflect weak, difficult to detect. The latter because the dongguan profiled magnets containing chromium and high hardness. The former is called stainless iron. Shenzhen special magnet aluminum and copper with long thin line hanging, and still not swing. With magnet lateral slowly close to the aluminum or copper, dongguan magnet manufacturers can be found that they will be slight attract or repel. So they are paramagnetic and inverse magnets.
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