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Why taxes on rare earth permanent magnet is removed from the list?

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Compared to the tariff list on July 10, the latest listing involves goods goods have slightly change, among them, the rare earth metal, rare earth oxides, rare earth compounds, metal permanent magnets ( Ndfeb in it) Be completely deleted, only keep the non-metallic flexible magnet and permanent magnet, not of metal. Why taxes on rare earth permanent magnet is removed from the list? According to statistics, in 2017 the United States imports 78% of total rare earth from China, according to the United States on this kind of strategic mineral resources dependence on China. Rare earths in the sino-us trade friction is a good counter varieties. As domestic rare earth's normal, we will continue to strengthen reform measures such as rare earth supply end, can improve the rare earth supply and demand pattern, is expected to boost prices. Rare earth under the State Council leading group for the original members Xiong Jiaji told reporters: China is the largest supplier of rare earths, the United States will remove, taxes on rare earth from China listing show that rare earth growing strategic status in our country. If the United States of China's rare earths tariffs, then first hit may be American high-tech companies, these companies will face a 'bricks without straw', because they used part of the rare earth products has no other sources, in the short term can't find other alternative products. High performance magnetic materials, for example, Chinese customs data show that in 2017, China's exports to the United States of rare earth permanent magnet material 3350. 85 tons, accounting for China's exports of rare earth permanent magnet materials of 11. 2%; Export amount is close to 1. 500 million dollars, ten of China's total exports of rare earth permanent magnet materials. 2%. The data also showed that the United States in 2017 78% of the total rare earth products imported from China. It is clear that the United States relies heavily on China's rare earth consumption. Guess you also focus on: currently, more rare earth reserves which countries? In rare earth's proven reserves, China's rare earth reserves account for 37% of the world's reserves, one of the world's first. In addition, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, India, Australia, the United States and other countries has abundant reserves of rare earths. Above is about why taxes on rare earth permanent magnet is removed from the list of the contents of the introduction, Ricky xiaofu finishing editing by magnet factory card. Associated with this article re articles; Buy from China rare earth magnet is forbidden in the United States to China
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