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Why ndfeb magnets will be rejected after being broken?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Rectangular ndfeb magnet it at both ends of the N pole and S pole. If, after about broke into two pieces, then its polarity is turned into N pole and S pole and S pole and N pole? Through the experiment, found that after the break of ndfeb magnet polarity and polarity is not the same as our imagination, but why left half remained N pole of the magnet is changeless, and the right of the right half is S pole, then turned into a N? What law can make the magnetic order remains unchanged, and the order of the on the right side of the pole is changed. The first thing we can be so assume that the magnet is N - - - - - - - S pole. According to common sense after it cracked analysis should also be turned into N - - - - - - - S and N - - - - - - - The s-class is right, but that is not the case, it into N - - - - - - - S and S - - - - - - - N level. Material is not symmetrical? Why the pole on the right will change, but the left is the same. Change is either left or right, only one side has changed how to also won't change, but on the other side to explore the reasons. 1, the common internal sense of magnetic ndfeb magnet bar line direction and not as a written standards, from one end to another end, but rather an arbitrary oblique line, not parallel to the three groups of edges of the magnet. And the magnet magnetic still can be regarded as uniform. This is because most of the magnet is directly from the magnet ore in a random direction of cutting. 2, ndfeb magnets can be viewed as six surface has three, three is the arctic is the South Pole, magnetic instead of every two relative surface. After 3, magnets have cracked, not a magnet magnetic inversion is such a thing. In the cross section of the magnet magnetic still instead. Section 4, each with two magnets and magnet adjacent four surface magnetic are the same. 5, due to similar reasons and circular ndfeb magnet, generates a repulsive force between cross section. 6, will be one of the magnet over 180 degrees, the respective section two magnets, the four adjacent face should face magnetic instead, generates a gravitational pull. So the magnets attract. 7, there may be a kind of demonstration bar magnet, after artificial magnetization, magnetic induction line direction standard from the end to the other end, thus fall break can directly draw together. But this should not universal.
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