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Why ndfeb magnet at the center of the magnetic field strength the weakest?

by:Newland     2020-05-05
For who is familiar with the ndfeb magnets, magnet 【 磁铁】 Magnetic field lines from the ends of the magnet, magnet in the middle part of the magnetic field intensity is very low. Ndfeb magnet if only according to the ordinary magnetization magnetization of NS after two extremely to, the most of the lateral bar magnet magnetic force, the strongest in the middle of the diode junction magnetic force is weakest. Magnets belongs to middle junction, it is not without magnetic field, but because of its magnetic field are magnets inside, for external ferromagnetic material force performance not to come out, show the junction has a magnetic pole line, near the magnet in the middle of the outer space belongs to no ( Weak) Magnetic area. Because the lines of magnetic force of magnets is similar to the current, also tend to be walking along the minimum resistance line, while walking through magnet of the magnetic field lines at the centre of the magnet, the least resistance, no extra lines of magnetic force, to the outside world do not show the magnetic. Why magnetic poles is strong, because no other path, the poles of the lines of magnetic force can only be spread through the air, so the outside of the ferromagnetic material if both ends, near the magnet will be magnets capture become the access of the magnetic field lines, which show the appeal.
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