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Why magnets attract or exclude

by:Newland     2020-04-27
Every magnet has a double: the north and south poles. Let's use this name is because if you hung magnet online, magnet (of the arctic It) Pointing to the north, this is due to the center of the earth is a big and weak magnet. Let's small and powerful magnets aligned with the core, so it points to the north. This principle is a compass homework. The magnet magnetic field! If you take two pieces of magnet inside out, they will be away. . . - - - - - - They can squeeze each other! In other words, if you put two magnets together, make similar polar in close proximity ( Two North Pole or South Pole) , they are mutual exclusion. It feels like a magnet surrounded by a layer of invisible rubber layer, separating them. This can't see the layer is called magnetic field. As long as when you are holding the pole is not the same in together, The arctic to the Antarctic) , magnets can stick together ( They are attracting) 。 Now, the field like a stretched rubber band to recover the same pull magnets in together. So, why magnets attract or exclude? We all know creating motion demand for energy. When the car's gasoline burning, stationary car will start moving. This is because the gasoline contains stored energy, burning when released. When the stored energy is released out, during which some energy will translate into movement. Scientists call this stored energy 'potential energy, called the movement energy' kinetic energy.
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