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【 Why is 'invisible' magnet magnetic

by:Newland     2020-05-04
【 The magnet magnetic why & other; Intangible & throughout; The 】 What is the magnetic force? Why is that magnetic & other; Intangible & throughout; ? People generally called magnetic attracts iron, nickel, cobalt and other physical properties. Magnet is refers to the magnet itself can guide the paramagnetic material characteristics, so the magnet resolution by the nature of the magnet. Magnetism is a kind of interaction. Can say no magnetic magnet itself. This was the result of the interaction between the two magnets, performance is the repelling force and attraction. Therefore say to the north and south of the magnet polarity is very strong. Can't say magnet magnetic north and south poles. When it comes to the nature of the magnet, it is important to talk about magnetic. Interaction between the magnets should be referred to as a magnetic force. Magnet magnetic occur in three ways: a permanent magnets, permanent magnets generally referred to as permanent magnets, its professional name is neodymium magnets. Permanent magnet magnetic field can be continuous. In can exist in the space of the magnetic field. Magnetic field is a special kind of material. The magnetic field around the magnet and the change of the electric field can also occur magnetic field, the interaction between magnet is mediated by the magnetic field. Second, born of electric magnetic if a straight wire by current, the wire the space around a circular magnetic field will happen. The greater the current through the wire, the stronger the magnetic field. When the magnetic field is round, it will be surrounded by a wire. How to distinguish the direction of the magnetic field? It can be based on & other; The right-hand rule & throughout; To determine: the right hand thumb and other four fingers curl into palms together. At this time, the direction of the thumb is the direction of current, while the other four finger is the direction of the magnetic field. In fact, the conductor of the magnetic field is similar to a circle of NS of end-to-end small magnet on the effect of wire around. Three, activity, liquid metal can make magnets aside from permanent magnets and magnetic electric magnetic. Scientists found that the activity of the metal can also result in strong magnetic field of the magnet. Experiments show that the molten iron is poured into the sphere, and rotating sphere, which occurred huge magnet. According to the strong magnet manufacturers estimate, there may be a liquid core in the interior of the earth rotation, so as to constitute a magnetic field. And can change the strength of the earth's magnetic field. And found according to the civil history presents a swap. Strong magnets, magnets, magnet, magnet, ndfeb magnet, rare earth permanent magnets
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