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Why do powerful magnet demagnetization or demagnetization?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Often have a manufacturer or boss ask me this question - Why do powerful magnet demagnetization or demagnetization? Explain, below small make up for all the powerful magnet demagnetization and demagnetization for many reasons. 1, after baking oven magnet demagnetization. 2, demagnetization after injection or demagnetization, ndfeb N series of minimum heat resistance is 80 ℃, and sometimes injection basic is above 120 ℃, so the short time of 2 seconds to 3 seconds of injection molding, may cause some demagnetization. 3, magnet material contains too much lead to weak magnetic impurities. This is the most common results showed purchasers. Because shopping around on the quote, choose low price. Customer requirements over there is obviously use N35 grades, the results offer low adverse manufacturers use N28, N33 materials, customers don't expect can be detected, if up to 30 k, is slowly by fluxmeter measure? ( Short is 6 months demagnetization, fast two months appears demagnetization) It's really important, a reliable and stable suppliers. Not that price and how would it be possible to use N35 material to do for you? And some businessmen magnet is used for packaging, anyway it is ok to can suck, garbage is waste of material. 5, material containing metal Lan cause magnet powder, etc. 6, impact to result magnet demagnetization, such as high collision frequency, etc. , to be very careful in the process of transportation. 7, try the magnet itself and high magnetic field magnet force disappearing or N/S pole change ( Charger demagnetization machine) 。 8, magnet demagnetization after hot pressing, often used glass fiber board hot pressing, temperature above 150 ℃. Above is a powerful magnet demagnetization, demagnetization reason, in addition to the above reasons, there are 4 points, high temperature material itself problem demagnetization demagnetization, high magnetic field demagnetization, high frequency impact demagnetization. A: using ndfeb magnets need to pay attention to what issues? Next article: magnetic technology co. , LTD. Introduction to how to recognize a strong magnet magnetic force
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