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why china rules the rare metal roost

by:Newland     2019-09-29
We don\'t think about it often, but metal is an important aspect of our modern life.
Our bridges and planes, our cars and our ships, our railways and machinery all depend on them, but so do millions of people --smaller high-
We seem to be inseparable from consumer goods.
Many of the devices we take for granted on a daily basis, such as mobile phones, cameras or computer hard drives, are made up of what geologists call \"rare earth metals.
Production of these important metals, from fiber optic cables to x-
For hybrid electric vehicles and batteries, ray\'s products are dominated by China, which produces 97 supplies --
Most of them come from a mine.
Australia is thought to have a lot of oil reserves, but the mining of these wealth is still in its infancy.
Rare earth metals are a group of 17 metal elements with similar chemical properties.
Although metals may not be familiar with themselves, they are not familiar with their use.
The group of rare earth elements, rare earth element 17, consists of y.
Commercial products: hybrid motor and hybrid battery.
Commercial products: computer hard disk, mobile phone, camera.
Commercial products: portable xray units.
Commercial products: stadium lighting.
Commercial products: energy-
Efficient bulb.
Commercial products: optical fiber.
Commercial products: glass additives. (
Source: U. S. government audit office. )
Only Chinese companies produce and sell rare earth metals of any size, and all rare earth metals account for intellectual property rights, most of which are from China.
This situation may result in supply being affected and has attracted widespread attention outside the People\'s Republic.
In addition to reducing export quotas, China has also increased export taxes on rare earth metals.
This is not a matter of declaring an economic war.
To put it simply, its manufacturing needs them.
Beijing means, however, that Chinese companies will be ranked first.
The logic is that they have the vision to pursue an industry and they will reap the rewards.
China has reduced the number of rare earths for several consecutive years
Rare Earth Metal inside
Can be exported.
Even last year, five rare earths were completely banned from exports, but none of them ended up being banned, according to a Chinese company trying to obtain the Australian rare earth supply held by Lynas (see below)
It was blocked by Australian authorities.
The United States, especially the military, has begun to notice this.
A April 2010 report from the U. S. Government Accountability Agency is that it is not only worried about consumer goods --
The fact that the report was commissioned by the Defense Authorization Act shows that the United States is truly worried that China\'s dominance in the industry will become a strategic issue in the near future.
\"Government and industry officials have identified a wide variety of defense systems and components that depend on the functionality of rare earth materials and are provided by the lower levels
According to the report, \"the first layer of subcontractors in the supply chain\" lists the accuracy-
Navigation ammunition, lasers, communication systems, radar systems, avionics, night vision and satellites.
The United States has changed from a major producer of rare earths to the disappearance of the rare earth industry.
Now it finds itself relying almost entirely on emerging geopolitical rivals to produce what it considers too much military hardware.
The development of hybrid vehicles in Japan has also received attention.
According to reports, a Japanese energy official commented on 2007: \"China is choking Japanese manufacturers for fear that China is trying to maintain rare metals that are critical to Japanese industry, especially hybrid cars.
Demand is surging, driven by consumer technology, but in part because \"green\" consumerism drives demand for hybrid cars.
Despite the sustainability credentials, many hybrid cars rely on a range of rare metals --
From rechargeable batteries that are required for la to nd magnets found in the motor.
Although lithium
It has its own limitations.
Used in the battery of Toyota Prius, it still needs rare earth metal as a magnet for the motor.
So the company is starting to worry.
Toshiba recently signed an agreement with Kazakhstan that the importance of these key metals will increase in the coming decades.
They may not be as \"rare\" as the title originally suggested \"--
However, they are rarely used for manufacturing if manufacturers cannot get them.
GAO reported Australia as the fifth-highest known recoverable rare earth oxide reserves.
5. 4. 000 metric tons of 99,000,000 tons worldwide.
But unlike the United States, unlike China, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Russia or other countries with large foreign exchange reserves --
Rare earth metals are not very large in Australia.
Lynas\'s Mt Weld project in Western Australia has been and is currently in the early stages of development.
Some other small companies, such as paraffin resources, are working on rare earths as a by-product for the production of other metals, but although it is generally believed that Australia is the world leader in mining --
Based on the belief of facts, coal, iron ore, uranium (for plutonium)
Or some other important resource.
These elements that are essential to maintaining our consumer lifestyle have not yet been used on a large scale.
Rare Earth Metal Supply-
And rare metals.
May face problems soon, resulting in highTechnology industry.
If you want to avoid these problems, you need to consider a series of solutions.
Find new virgin resources
At least outside China.
From the point of view of product design, fundamentally changing consumer behavior, the challenge of recycling is obvious.
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