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Why can a strong magnet iron absorption? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Strong scientific name magnet, ndfeb magnet is one of the magnets. Powerful magnet to absorb iron, nickel, cobalt and other metallic, known as lodestone. Can be divided into the general common permanent magnet, and electricity to have the magnet magnetic. If a magnet bar or acicular and hang up, naturally the Antarctic and arctic to the earth. A magnet attracts iron, cobalt, nickel and other material referred to as the nature of magnetism. Strong magnetic area known as the poles on both ends of the magnet, one end of the arctic ( N pole) One end, to the South Pole ( S very) 。 Experiments show that like poles repel each other, opposite poles attract each other. Many of iron with two opposite poles of the magnet, in the absence of external magnetic field effect, the disordered arrangement of the magnets, magnetic cancel each other out, don't show the magnetic abroad. When put the iron near a magnet, the magnet under the action of magnet, neatly lined up and make the near one end of the magnet and magnet polarity opposite polarity attract each other. This explains that as a result of the existence of the original magnet in iron can be magnetized by magnet. And metals such as copper, aluminium is not the original magnet structure, so can't attracted by the magnet.
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