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Why a strong magnet popular with many customers circle? 'Magnet'

by:Newland     2020-05-02
What is a powerful magnet circle? From the literal understanding is the magnet for round shape. Why this magnet is more and more popular with the customer now? Our circular magnet popular reasons are the following: 1, strong magnet application field is very wide, in daily life, round the magnet can be used in bags, pencil case, toy 'daruma', go, feet to prevent their wooden door is closed the magnets and so on. 2, in all walks of life, round the magnet can be applied to medical equipment, cranes, and various kinds of machinery. 3, strong magnet is ndfeb material, suction is strong, strong practicability. 4, round shape magnet Volkswagen, need not special customization, special machine production speed. 5, round shape of the magnet are common, affordable mass model. So the magnets have weaknesses? There is. 1, not high temperature resistant, customer should choose suitable working temperature of the magnet, otherwise easy to demagnetization. 2, not plating magnets easy corrosion, such as the magnetic clasp is easy to rust color of the handbag. Customers choose to cooperate with a manufacturer always justified, we produce strong circular magnet has advantages, save time and improve returns, no exaggeration. If necessary, welcomed the consultation.
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