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Whether magnetic steel thickness, width, chamfering influences the performance of motor _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Magnetic steel thickness, width, whether chamfer effect the performance of the motor with everyone to say today about the thickness of the magnet steel, width and whether chamfer effect the performance of the motor is big. 1, magnetic steel thickness affect the performance of the motor, or a fixed magnetic circuit outside circle, thickness increases, the air gap decreases, and effectively increase magnetic flux, obvious performance is to reduce no-load speed under the same remanent magnetism, no-load current decreases, and the maximum efficiency motor. However, there are negative aspects, such as motor reversing vibrations increase, the motor efficiency curve is relatively steep. As a result, the thickness of the electrical magnetic steel should be as consistent as possible, reduce the vibration. 2, the width of the magnet steel influences the performance of motor for brushless motor magnets close distribution, the total cumulative clearance should not exceed 0. 5 mm, starts to cannot be installed, will lead to motor vibration and low efficiency, this is because the measure the position of the magnet steel position of hall element and the actual location of the magnet steel is not corresponding, and must ensure the consistency of the width or the low efficiency and large vibration of the machine. With brush motor, magnetic steel has a certain gap between, is left to the mechanical reversing transition zone. Although gaps, but most of the manufacturers to guarantee the accuracy of the installation position of motor magnetic steel, magnetic steel to have installed process to ensure the installation precision. If the width of the magnet steel beyond, will can't install; If the magnet steel width is too small, can lead to magnetic positioning, motor vibration increase, lower efficiency. 3, magnetic steel upright Angle of chamfer size and influence on the motor performance? If the Angle, the motor magnetic field edge of the magnetic field rate of change is big, lead to motor pulse shock, the greater the Angle, the smaller vibration. But the chamfering generally on the flux has a certain loss, for some specifications chamfering to 0. At 8 0 flux loss. 5 ~ 1. 5%. With low remanence of the brush motor, reduced chamfer size, benefit compensation remanence, but the increased pulse shock of the machine. In general, the residual magnetism on the low side, can enlarge the tolerance of the length direction, appropriately so that you can to a certain extent, improve the magnetic flux effectively, make the performance of the basic machine does not change. That is about the thickness of the magnet steel, the width and whether chamfer effect the performance of the motor is introduced, in this paper, the content from the network information integration, welcome customers have the need to use motor magnets advisory quotation.
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