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Where is the difference between zinc nickel plating magnet _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Zinc nickel plating magnet is familiar with the difference between a magnet friends should know that magnets are galvanized magnet and magnet two nickel plating, many friends don't know where is the difference between the zinc nickel plating magnet. In fact, the zinc nickel plating magnet in appearance, price, rust, etc have obvious difference, in order to facilitate everybody understanding, we to introduce in detail: galvanized magnet where is the difference between a nickel plating, zinc plating nickel magnet polishing sex difference due to the polishing sex is superior to zinc nickel, appearance is more brighter. Second, the zinc nickel plating galvanized magnet rust resistance difference between general, nickel plated, chrome plated is best. Electroplating way is mainly determined by the magnets used in the environment, if the magnet using high environmental conditions, it is recommended to use nickel plating. Nickel prices more expensive in zinc, zinc is superior to nickel on price. Three, zinc plating nickel on the surface of the magnet performance difference between nickel processing makes heat resistance also improved a lot, and nickel with the characteristics of the conductive. Four, galvanized, nickel plated magnets hardness difference is also high, in general use, can significantly avoid collisions are more case that a magnet, the phenomenon of the corner. Five, galvanized zinc nickel plating magnet price difference advantages, from low to high prices for the galvanized, nickel plating, chrome plating. Differences in materials and artificial decided to price. Conventional zinc nickel plating for barrel plating, chrome plating. Nickel plating: by electrolysis or chemical methods on the non-metallic metal or some on a layer of nickel plating method, called the nickel plating. Above is the details for you the difference between the zinc nickel plating of the magnet, we meet in real life of galvanized magnet, refers to the surface of metal, alloy or other material coated with a layer of zinc, appearance has the appearance of white, silver, in acid-base set all kinds of material life and the natural environment can guarantee the product to avoid deformation, this also is the main reason for the wide application.
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