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【 When using ndfeb magnets, these places you attention anymore?

by:Newland     2020-05-04
【 When using ndfeb magnets, these places you attention anymore? Use of ndfeb magnets, did you notice the local? 1, ndfeb magnet magnetic is very strong. You should first to prevent use magnets hold hands or other parts of the body. For large size of strong magnetic, you need pay more attention to safety. 2, don't connect the strong magnet to close to electronic medical equipment or patients with pacemaker and other equipment. 3, don't swallow strong magnet. If accidentally swallowed, immediately for medical treatment. Strong magnet should be given local out of the reach of children. 4, in the process of the use of magnets, should keep the environment clean, as far as possible to prevent minor impurities such as iron absorption in the magnet and affect appearance. Magnetic debris flies into the eyes will hurt, need careful use. 5, ndfeb magnet should be stored in ventilated, dry environment. Acid, alkali, organic solvents, salt water and high temperature moist environment will be simple oxidation magnet, plating will fall out and magnet will be crushed and demagnetization. 6, magnets, magnetic attenuation after heated at high temperature. Please refer to the temperature and service strategy, to understand the corresponding function of the magnet, assembling or using magnet note don't exceed the standard operating temperature. 7, ndfeb magnet is fragile, so when it is used in the occasions such as vibration, impact, it is likely to break or fall off. Must pay attention to when using collision. Strong magnets, magnets, magnet, magnet, ndfeb magnet, rare earth permanent magnets
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