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When choosing ndfeb magnet don't covet petty gain

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Believe that many friends in choosing to use the magnet is, how to select what ndfeb magnet? Is to choose better magnet or nearly magnet? Or is to choose the expensive or cheap? Actually want to choose a suitable magnet, affordable, quality assurance is very important, this is our most concerned about a problem, the shenzhen star gen magnetic industry co. , LTD. Several opinions are given, and would like to see: a, see how high is the product itself value assumption is that the magnet is applied to the product value is high, the function will be according to the product itself, according to the practice requires the what material made of what material is made, such as in accordance with the requirements of the engineer will use N38 magnetic material that is in accordance with the N38 magnetic materials purchase, don't to save a few money bought N33, such words may be installed to the products make do with, but the performance is not stable, may at any time the quality problems, then may be penny wise and pound foolish. 2, assuming that the product itself value is not high, just simple adsorption, we're going to make, because ndfeb magnets are made from rare earth metal materials such as the value of money is higher, with authentic brand of ndfeb magnet would increase the cost of product output, the price is too high to sell go out, this time we choose the magnets will have to choose the price a little cheaper, such as N35 use N33 can also be used, we must choose N33, simply suction force, in the strong magnetic, it is very easy to do. Is three, you should be careful to buy on the net the magnet, is now a very successful network s, buy things don't need to run everywhere outside, only need search on the net, can be found everywhere, although it is convenient, but also is bad, some bad businessmen will use of the Internet can't see the characteristics of the scratching, thus to cut corners on the quality of ndfeb magnet destroy the balance of the whole market, such as you are looking for standard is 100 * 50 * 20 mm magnets, some undesirable businessman will make 95 * 47 * 18 mm standard to hide the businessman, thought you wouldn't go to the amount the surface look not to come out, maybe you are looking for N35 magnets, magnetic some undesirable businessman do N30 magnetic, conceal some customers don't understand the magnet, the price is very cheap, and mark the price according to the actual yield is certainly do not to come out, this cut corners behavior serious disrupted magnet store prescriptive, lead to many customers buy the magnet cost high capital buy bad products, also do serious disturb the real conscience magnet produces manufacturer's reputation, this kind of business we star create magnetic industry is strongly despise and fighting against such behavior. Bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring about shenzhen star magnetic industry co. , LTD. The main two large, 1, industrial supplies: sintered ndfeb, adhesive ndfeb and magnetic components, 2, is a civilian products: gun magnetic, rubber magnetic, fishing hooks, rotating hook, square peg magnetic hook, etc. The alibaba international station and domestic station has shops, domestic station store address: 1688 abmmagnetics. 1688. com; Welcome new and old customers to browse information, to find suitable your products, because of magnetic material specification is more, have any questions can contact customer service or contact the following business card information, thank you again!
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