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What's the relationship between the size of the magnet steel magnetizing energy and magnetic? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Charger is on magnetic materials and magnetic devices magnet magnetization, the magnetization how determine the energy of the charger? The magnetization direction first according to the size of the magnet magnetized products, determine the size of the magnetizing fixture size, the size of the magnetic field, and calculate tooling center tooling field size should be 3 - magnet coercive force 2 of 5 times, general. Five times, and finally calculate the magnetic current, according to the current and voltage charger finally determine the energy storage capacitance of magnetizing apparatus, finally determine the energy of the charger. The magnetization energy charger size and magnetic steel what relation? The grades of magnets and magnet size decided to size charger needed energy. Because the magnet steel according to different grades of his magnetic energy product is different, the magnetic energy level is proportional to the magnetic material can store energy. Different magnetic steel magnetic energy product in the same batch or between different batch and different type of magnetic energy product difference is very big, so after magnet magnetization can store energy is different. Embodied in after magnetization magnet of the magnetic field strength is different. Magnetic field strength is not only related to material internal magnetic energy product, at the same time with the form of material, thickness, the magnetization saturation, orientation degree and so on. Focuses on ndfeb magnet manufacturers website, more information on the latest magnet.
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