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What's the powerful magnets in household appliances?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Current household appliances of all kinds, and make our lives more and more convenient, a lot of things in daily life will contact with home appliances, now the home appliances are generally USES powerful magnets. Powerful magnets every electronic device used in modern magnetic materials, we usually watch television in the form has a powerful magnet, it will assist the TV we can't see a picture of the electrical signals change into can see. Usual there the same ring powerful magnets in the rice cooker, just when the magnet in the rice cooker more role is to assist the rice cooker will be inside the rice steamed, rather like the television inside the will is a kind of signal into another a kind of signal. We used to say that the home appliances refers to the TV set and electric cooker, can be in today home appliances are extensive, televisions, rice cooker, refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave oven, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. These are average household appliances standard. Especially refrigerators, refrigerator are indispensable in our present life, we often use the refrigerator to help us save some leftovers, bad food, refrigerator high and low price in the market now, all kinds of prices are, of course, a special cheap price, cooling effect and the quality is certainly not so good, this time we will be able to the back of the refrigerator with a powerful magnet to help enhance its cooling freezer, let those things we want to save to keep better, more long. In fact, in addition to powerful magnets used in the fridge to help us improve our life quality, we can also use powerful magnets on other household electrical appliances to help us make life more convenient. Bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring bring about shenzhen star magnetic industry co. , LTD. The main two large, 1, industrial supplies: sintered ndfeb, adhesive ndfeb and magnetic components, 2, is a civilian products: gun magnetic, rubber magnetic, fishing hooks, rotating hook, square peg magnetic hook, etc. The alibaba international station and domestic station has shops, domestic station store address: 1688 abmmagnetics. 1688. com; Welcome new and old customers to browse information, to find suitable your products, because of magnetic material specification is more, have any questions can contact customer service or contact the following business card information, thank you again!
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