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What's the advantage of market of rare earth permanent magnet materials and features?

by:Newland     2020-05-03
At present, the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials remained in the unique advantages of the following: ( 1) Abundant rare earth resources, can provide plenty of main raw materials (permanent magnet product production Nd, Sm, Dy, Pr and Tb, etc. ) ; ( 2) Vast domestic permanent magnet product sales market, ensure that the needs of a large number of domestic are; ( 3) Plenty of cheap labor resources and promoting the product cost is low and conducive to competition in the market; ( 4) A large number of technical personnel to participate in the permanent magnet product production, technology and equipment constantly improve and perfect, to ensure the vitality of the rare earth permanent magnet materials industry development. In addition, in the progress of the permanent magnetic material industry of our country for many years, has presented some notable characteristics: ( 1) Permanent magnet goods factories abroad constantly moving companies to China ( And for rare earths area or material supplier) To ensure the continuation of the ability of production. Such as Japan, the United States an enterprise in Inner Mongolia baotou, ganzhou in jiangxi, sichuan, chengdu and Shanghai for the main raw materials and cheap labor of rare earth metals; ( 2) Rare earth permanent magnet production enterprises save different economic forms of complex, infiltration and combined with each other, promote win-win situation. At present there are state-owned enterprise economy, private, joint ventures and wholly owned, in the competition to promote the progress of the permanent magnetic material industry of our country; ( 3) Outside huai in the fierce competition in the evolution and improve magnetic industry concentration and more conducive to achieve more and more modern industrial level.
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