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What role does the sintered ndfeb the equipment used in production?

by:Newland     2020-05-03
Stars and small make up in the previous article introduced the production process of sintered ndfeb, the production equipment are not familiar with friends, should not to know this equipment is mainly do work, how does this work? Details are as follows: 1, grinding machine, with a variety of abrasive and abrasive machining on the surface of the machine tool. Sintered ndfeb products processing with grinding machine can be divided into horizontal spindle surface grinding machine, vertical spindle surface grinding machine, flat molding grinder, coreless grinding machine, grinding machine, double-sided flat plane grinding machine grinding machine, special-shaped linear grinding machine, etc. Products can be processed into the required shape or specifications make the precision of the product specification requirements of the equipment required. Chamfering machine is a kind of special grinding machine. 2, slicing machine, is to use internal or external circular blade cut thin and uniform tissue piece of machinery. Is the bulk products processing into small pieces. Specific process is going to processing of materials with 502 glue on the base board, with another 502 glue on the tool post row. Loading machine tool rest, cover computer cover, the setting procedure, start the motor, the process can be completed; After discharging, baked, boiled, washing, to water, testing can be completed. Machining cylindrical products can be completed once; Processing square products, according to different products, processing times, such as what we call a knife block, knife block, three knife block. Can also according to different raw materials and products of sintered ndfeb, processing of different specifications of the products. 3, line cutting, according to the principle of electrical discharge, through the NC control of monitoring and control, servo mechanism, make machining object is the size and shape of precision of the process. In general can be divided into wire, wire walking and three types of vertical spin edm wire cutting machine. Wedm is divided into the power and lathe bed, silk tube, servo, artifacts, idler pulley, nickel wire, water pumps, etc. 4, lathe ( Instrument lathe) : used for machining of cylindrical products, the use of cutting tool materials processed into the cylinder need of mechanical products. Ndfeb make the main product category with cylindrical chamfering, punching, sets of holes, etc. , with special jacketed can also be used for small square hole processing production. 5, drilling machine, the use of bit or tool on the billet material punching, cutting machinery. Main function is similar to the instrument lathe, difference between rotary lathe material, cutting tool not turn. The drilling machine is tool rotation, material did not turn. So the drilling machine also can be used to set of tile work. Replace part of the specification does not use thread cutting magnetic tile production, cooperate with tile of emery wheel grinding machine can produce high precision straight line, the surface of sintered ndfeb magnetic tile products high demand.
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