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What products has Newland developed?
Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd. has been working on to create new products. You will visit our website to get to know about our product. As an increasing and reliable firm, we master innovative technology to create permanent magnets with top quality and are continuously working to develop new products to appeal to the requirements of clients. We maintain the firm belief that new innovative products will be the gas as our strongest growth engine. So we'll place a good deal of investment increating innovative technology.

Newland is one of the world's most renowned manufacturers of neodymium magnets. Newland has created a number of successful series, and Types of Magnets is one of them. This product has passed through many international certifications. With a powerful focused magnetic field capacity, it has intensity magnetic flux. oil filter magnet products from Newland cover many countries and regions in the world. Its high-temperature resistance ensures its temperature stability.

We hope that the our company brand will precede in the Types of Magnets market. Please contact us!
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