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What port of loading available for permanent magnetic ?
There are several factors impacting Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd.'s selection of port for permanent magnet , such as infrastructure at port, port's restriction and cost saving potential. If you have specific requirements on port of loading, you may make negotiation with us. We promise to select the port to fit your specific shipping needs.

The production capacities of Newland neodymium magnets are broadly known. Newland has created a number of successful series, and magnetic assemblies is one of them. The quality of this product is improved under international standards. It is easy to magnetize with a magnetizing apparatus or direct current. Newland aims provide our customers with satisfactory products and services. Its resistance to demagnetization guarantees its longer working life.

In the rare earth magnet manufacturers industry, the our team brand will pay more attention to service quality. Get info!
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