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What magnet micromotor use more?

by:Newland     2020-03-18
Magnet micromotor used? What kind of magnet is more use? Ricky magnet small pay card today to share with you on this issue. Micro-motor mainly use the ferrite material with ndfeb is more, ferrite materials mainly include ferrite magnetic tile, injection ferrite magnets, ferrite multi-polar rotor. Ndfeb material has summary sheet copper and so on. Are described in detail below under each magnet material; 1, samarium cobalt has high temperature resistant, 400℃) , shiny metal color, the price is relatively high, the comprehensive consideration, is rarely used samarium cobalt micromotor. 2, permanent magnetic ferrite, because good high temperature resistance, low prices, performance can be achieved, so use sintered ferrite multi-polar rotor with injection ferrite or to many. 3, and the use of ndfeb magnets in electrical magnet of the permanent magnet motor size is small, light weight, torque - Inertia ratio is high, the servo system has high response, high power/weight ratio and rate, high starting torque, saves the electricity. The shape of the magnet motor magnets and motor is mostly tile type, circle or trapezoid, can be used for different motor motor, such as permanent magnet motor, ac motor, dc motor, linear motor, brushless motor, etc. Ndfeb is sintered ndfeb with bonded ndfeb, there are also many customers choose to use bonded ndfeb. We can according to your requirements to customize the magnet specification, to do performance tuning, welcome consulting price, proofing. Related motor magnets article recommended; You are concerned about the magnet material issues are all here together, watching on understand hollow cup motor with what material of the magnet?
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