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What kind of magnetic tile easy to the cause of the fracture are there? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Many friends buy magnetic tile has such a question, why received the goods you will find that the product will be part of the fracture, magnetic tile what was the reason for the failure? Ndfeb magnet manufacturers today is to introduce the next. Why are prone to fracture magnetic tile? Breakage problems has been plagued by magnetic tile products will often use a permanent magnet motor enterprises, companies and individuals, it is what reason caused the magnetic tile product failure? This paper is dedicated to the cause of the failure analysis of the magnetic tile products. Below we from the source of magnetic tile machine in the whole production process analyzes the cause of fracture magnetic tile products. A material of raw materials, magnetic tile quality will directly affect the quality of the magnetic tile, if it is not happen before fracture phenomenon, is to know about the magnetic tile manufacturer itself has changed, or the original raw materials, for example, but its processing technology appeared in the process of change, or processing time and state of ball mill have any problems, these are the cause of magnetic tile appear rupture. 2, magnetic tile forming processing in raw materials and materials processing technology no problem, maintain normal circumstances, can rule out the possibility of magnetic circuit caused by fracture, at this time will be molding processing of magnetic tile manufacturers see, see clean under press condition, newly formed if there is a soft green Angle, texture after delamination, open the asymmetric some phenomenon easy to cause fracture. Three magnets, magnetic tile sintering process of the manufacturer and the rationality of the sinter process of magnetic tile temperature curve control, are questions that should be paid attention to when sintering. If the stage appear problem, will appear in magnetic tile product quality difference, causing a fracture. Four, magnetic tile abrasion workpieces if long-term in processing condition, wear occurs, once appear, into the car too fast, large amount of feed, such as insufficient cooling water tooling does not match the situation, is prone to fracture. Although magnetic tile manufacturers will carry on the inspection before the products leave the factory, but may be because some of the slack and appear this kind of problem. Now whether the failure of magnetic tile products whether there is a little understanding? If you have don't understand, please continue to focus on ndfeb strong magnet factory network, focus on more magnetic tile related information.
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