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What kind of common ndfeb abnormity magnets are there? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Alien magnet is called abnormity is the product shape is not very regular. Products shape: tile shape magnet, spherical magnets, square magnet, cylindrical magnet, large ring magnet. More brittle magnet products processing program is more complex. Is mainly used with a variety of machines, electrical, wind turbines and other industrial USES. Its relative to the standard of the magnet, the most widely used special magnet material are: ndfeb, ferrite. Especially the abnormity of mechanical and electronic magnetic tile, it is one of the more common abnormity magnet. Abnormity type magnet is introduced: common abnormity magnet include size head magnets, magnet, trapezoidal magnet, punching round holes, square, square, round, on the edge of Angle grinding steps, grinding the runway shaped magnets, these are all common special-shaped magnet. Special magnet proofing fee? When machining special-shaped a magnet has the certain difficulty, general magnet manufacturer will charge part of the proofing fee, after waiting for subsequent batch cooperation can return to activity, specific see each magnet manufacturer's marketing activities. Special-shaped magnet price is expensive or not? With neodymium magnets price magnet forming difficulty, the difficulty of the larger processing, will be more expensive, there are performance level, temperature, etc. , all affect the price of the magnet. We profiled magnets processing has some advantages, there are a lot of customers purchasing custom shaped magnet in our side, you are welcome to send us drawings to estimate the quotation.
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