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What kind of common abnormity powerful magnets are there? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
What kind of common abnormity ndfeb magnets are there? Profiled magnets, the irregular, special and of its name, shape strange, so what are the common special-shaped ndfeb magnet? Have you ever seen a kind of alien neodymium magnets? Abnormity type magnet is introduced: common abnormity ndfeb magnets are size head, convex, concave, slot type, side punch, cutting Angle, the semicircle magnets and so on. Your alien magnet proofing fee? Profiled magnets usually some difficulty in processing, we will charge part of the proofing fee, return to subsequent batch cooperation are negotiable. Special-shaped magnet price is expensive or not? Abnormity of the price of neodymium magnets and magnet abnormity difficult, the greater the processing difficulty, the more expensive, then there is performance level, heat resistance, etc. , are all affect the magnet unit price. Different magnet how to determine the poles? Special magnet has a lot of, take a horseshoe magnet, for instance. With fine line in the middle of the u-shaped horseshoe magnet, the magnet static after two levels of the location of magnet is the polar direction, composition of the magnet is iron, cobalt, nickel and other atoms, the internal structure of the atom is more special, itself has a magnetic moment. Can produce magnet magnetic field, has attracted ferromagnetic materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metallic properties. Horseshoe magnet is made U strip magnets, called the horseshoe. The basic method to distinguish the magnet polarity is make the magnets in the magnetic field detection in the trend of movement. Simple is to use another piece of polarity of the magnet is known, by attracting, exclusive power to determine the polarity of the unknown. The earth has the nature of the magnet, the compass is to use the magnet in the earth's magnetic field detection principle to indicate the direction of its movement. Use the earth's magnetic field to determine the main points of the magnet polarity: one is to make the magnet poles ( Roughly) At the same level or make poles can there is no resistance in the vertical direction, Resistance is very small) Mobile; The second is to make the magnet poles can be no drag along the horizontal direction ( Resistance is very small) The move. When the magnet in magnetic field movement trend can make the magnetic level. Whether messenger wire, float, or will be made of ladle magnet ( SiNa) Are in order to satisfy the two conditions. We in the processing of profiled magnets, there are certain advantages, there are a lot of customers in the consultation because I cannot find we do after several magnet factory, welcome you send drawings to evaluate our quotation.
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