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What is the special magnet? Alien magnet main application have?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Magnetic technology co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of manufacturing special-shaped magnet manufacturers, providing special magnet processing, custom-made partial perforating shaped magnets, magnets, convex charge side punch shaped magnets, notching magnets and so on, welcome to figure to sample processing. In response to a profiled magnets with where before you say what is shaped magnets, special-shaped kind magnets are there? How are profiled magnets. One by one. A, what is special magnet? Special magnet processing production mode have? Profiled magnets, just as its name implies is irregular unusual magnets, some of the common magnets can also be processed into special shape of magnet. Second, what is the advantage of special-shaped magnet? Special magnet products cost-effective, good mechanical properties. Has a very high magnetic energy product and coercive force, in the modern industry and obtained widespread application in electronic technology. Third, special-shaped magnet mainly use in where? Abnormity magnet is mainly used for acoustic, electric appliances, electrical, mobile phones, connectors, etc. , is also pretty is much widely, basic all walks of life are likely to use, basically see the design of the product engineer. Four, abnormity produced magnet? This depends on the shape of the concrete, the material of magnet is so crisp processing program is more complex, the application of various machines also is more, such as automatic slicing machine, cutting, molding grinder, centerless grinding machine, punching machine, and so on the many kinds of machines. Five, the common special-shaped magnets have? Common abnormity magnets are horseshoe magnets, concave and convex shape magnets, magnet, tile slot type magnet and some sink hole magnet. The previous: what are the magnets used? Next: what are the different types of magnet?
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