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What is the purpose of the rare earth ndfeb magnet? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Rare earths, has greatly improve the quality and function of the other products of wonders. In terms of the new material is as follows: the main purpose of magnetism, some rare earth elements of multiple electronic track is a single electron, magnetic moment. Permanent magnet, ndfeb magnet, samarium iron nitrogen; Magnet ( Sm2Fe14Nx) For computer, new energy cars, wind power, energy-saving home appliances category. Paramagnetic refrigeration, use the demagnetization absorption features of paramagnetic material, under the condition of extremely low temperature refrigeration, the material such as gadolinium ( Gd) Gallium nitride ( Ga) Alloy. To shine. Using spectral characteristics. The foundation of rare earth tricolor phosphor powder, energy-saving lamps. R red: of Y2O3: Eu3 + yttrium europium activated oxidation, green (G Ce、Te) Cerium MgAl1O19 terbium activated magnesium aluminate blue B: BaMgAl10O17: Eu2 + europium activated magnesium aluminate barium white LED, metal halide lamp, plasma PDP, LCD backlight CCFL also need rare earth elements, etc. Catalytic; Use and other elements of the coordination, the complex function, make the catalyst. Oil refining, Oil cracking, etc. ) ; Polymer ( Rubber, etc. ) ; Small molecules ( Processing nitrogen oxides, etc. ) ; Material modification ( Is still a coordination complex functions, do stabilizer) 。 PVC PVC plastic ageing, the enhancement and packing, the coupling effect of discontinuous chlorine atom chain reaction ( Can lead to plastic degradation) : polyurethane heat; Ultraviolet, to use its absorption function of 230 ~ 320 nm uv light. Ageing resistance, added to the film, rubber, paint and other polymer materials. Agriculture: ultraviolet light to red orange light, increase plant photosynthetic effect to increase production. Cerium (high-end polishing: Ce) Oxide, the polishing glass, semiconductor, etc, advantage is with a chemical effect and physical effect ( CMP、化学机械抛光) 。 Thermal USES: thermal barrier material thermal barrier, resistance to high temperature 1400 ℃, and the thermal conductivity and thermal dispersion rate is still low; Absorption of heat, make coating, enhance the radiation heat of more than 30%. Compared with other hydrogen storage materials, hydrogen storage, easy activation, equilibrium pressure is moderate, high impurity gas poison, put hydrogen absorption balance pressure difference is small, typical of LaNi5 ( Rare earth lanthanum nickel alloy) , new energy car batteries and other electrical appliances. Agriculture, forestry and fishing: do fertilizer additive, quite do wonders; Do feed additive, is special.
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