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What is the pot magnetic? Magnetic chuck pan ( Magnetic field lines classification application)

by:Newland     2020-04-11
For pot magnetic this noun, many people may heard the first time, magnetic pot is a kind of be wrapped steel shell, shaped like a pot magnets, so we call it a pot magnetic ( Bowl magnet) , also known as magnetic components, through the magnetic circuit design, steel shell will increase the pull. Distribution of magnetic field lines through the simulation software can clearly see that simple magnets and basin magnetic line of force distribution of the magnet. A simple magnet field lines free distribution in the air. Pot shell permeability is much higher than air, so the steel shell of the magnetic field lines are more likely than the lines of magnetic force in the air to pass. Magnetic circuit of the guide lines of magnetic force focused on the work surface. After contact with working face basin shape of the magnet field lines much more than a simple magnet focus, so the tension is many times more than a simple magnet. The kinds of pot magnets pot magnets ( Magnetic holder) This are the main types of types: heavy Kong Guo magnetic, Kong Guo magnetic, magnetic female pot, pot magnets center with screw holes. Pot of magnetic application 1, items 2, 3 door stop, traction lamp more than 4, magnetic clamp is all there is in today, if there is any need to offer or proofing pot magnetic, welcome to contact us.
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