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What is the plastic magnet rotor? Plastic magnetic rotor features and applications is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-13
About plastic magnetic rotor, see a net friend just baidu focus on plastic magnet rotor is what? And then, also didn't see there is a detailed introduction, so this article specifically introduces plastic magnetic rotor, what are some of the characteristics of ( Advantage) And applications. What is the plastic magnet rotor? Plastic magnetic rotor permanent magnet magnetic powder and nylon polymer ( 尼龙6、PA12 PPS) Chemical compounds such as high temperature and mixing of composite material, with injection molding machine at the injection molding process of producing any shape plastic magnetic products, magnetic rotor, also called injection on the market have injection ndfeb magnetic rotor, which are frequently used injection ferrite magnetic. What is the distinguishing feature of plastic magnet rotor ( Advantage) 吗? 1, high dimensional accuracy, good surface finish 2 3 4, good impact resistance, easy to assemble 5 to save labor costs, compared with sintered magnets, is not easy to break, gaps in 6, due to the use of injection molding process, the product shape design degrees of freedom is very high plastic magnetic rotor application range is introduced; Product is mainly suitable for: plastic magnetic rotor frequency conversion air conditioning, floor type electric fan, oil and smoke exhauster, exhaust fan, vehicle speed sensor, auto cooling fan, no hakaze fan, ceiling fans, electro-acoustic devices, household electrical appliances, instruments and meters, medical and health brushless dc motor and other daily life each domain. Plastic magnetic rotor main function is energy saving, environmental protection, the noise is small, the cost is reduced. Above is all content of this article, if you have plastic magnetic rotor quotation and samples demand welcome to our drawings. Our company related products); Associated with this article content injection ferrite magnet guess you interested; Injection molding magnetic ( The production process of magnetization performance parameters of the table) Which parts need to use injection molding magnetic car? Injection ferrite with what kind of material more resistant to high temperature sintered ferrite?
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