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What is the magnet motor use? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Strong motor current main use of ndfeb magnetic material, sintered magnets and magnet. Made of permanent magnet motor magnet ndfeb magnet motor size is small, light weight, torque - Inertia ratio is high, the servo system response, high power and speed, high weight ratio, high starting torque, saves the electricity. Motor with the shape of the magnet is mostly tile type, circle or trapezoid, can be used for different motor motor, such as permanent magnet motor, ac motor, dc motor, linear motor, brushless motor, etc. People usually use the motor magnets and magnetic attraction and repulsion to drive, generally choose the magnetization of the radial symmetry to Mosaic tile type motor magnet ring, because of sintered ndfeb is anisotropic materials, make a complicated magnetization direction is difficult. At present, there is also a radiation type of magnetization of sintered ndfeb magnet motor products, but have limitations on size grades, and magnetic can unstable, consistency is very bad, and mould coil and magnetizing fixture were expensive.   At present, the magnet motor demand is very big, the magnet is its core component, in micro motors, small and medium-sized motor and large generators, can using ndfeb permanent magnet materials. 。 Special purpose is the use of samarium cobalt magnet motor, low-end products using ferrite magnet motors.
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