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What is the magnet linear motor use?

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Linear motor, mainly used in some of the automatic control system, is a kind of can convert electric energy directly into linear motion of the actuator. Because it is a kind of new and high technology, applied more and more, so the overall outlook is pretty good. Why a lot of people ask, linear motor is more expensive? Actually affect the price of linear motor is one of the main factors of linear motor hardware is one of the rare earth magnet. What is the magnet linear motor use? Linear motor with permanent magnets, is a high performance ndfeb magnet cubes, specifications are different. The diagram below. Linear motor magnets used in where? According to the query, track is to put the magnets on the steel. PS: how long is this motor use? Under normal use and without life problem, but the collocation of linear slide rail, cable, run trough and so on are consumable, so life is restricted to these parts and materials. Six years of normal use, there should be no problem. Our company focus on high performance ndfeb strong magnet, magnet, high precision specifications shape heat resistance can be customized in size according to your requirements, welcome to contact Ricky consulting card. Relevant magnet problem; What is the magnet wind turbines usually use?
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