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What is the injection ndfeb? The excellence - injection ndfeb unique characteristics Industry news -

by:Newland     2020-05-28
Introduced injection ndfeb injection ndfeb unique character strengths? If I haven't heard of, today for everyone to say is about injection ndfeb, injection ndfeb is made up of what? Itself and what are the unique advantages? What is the injection ndfeb? In simple terms, is injection ndfeb magnets, ndfeb magnetic powder, plastic, Nylon, PPS, etc. ) Mixture of polymer materials by a special process of a new type of composite materials. Made by injection molding process and summary of performance and injection molding of high efficiency, high precision of magnets. New material and make it unique process has some unique characteristics: 1, both rigidity and flexibility, can be processed into thin wall ring, bar, sheet and various kinds of special complex shapes ( Such as: the steps and damping groove, hole, positioning pin, etc. ) , can make small moment, many poles. 2, can make the magnets and other metal insert ( Gear, screw, heterotypic hole, etc. ) A shape, not easy fracture, fracture. 3, magnet without cutting and other mechanical processing, high product yield, after forming tolerance of high precision, smooth surface. 4, the use of plastic products, make product thinner, lighter; Moment of inertia of the motor starting current and smaller. 5, the plastic polymer materials for magnetic powder coated effectively, makes the magnet anti-corrosion effect is better. 6, unique molding process, internal uniformity, improved the magnet magnetic surface consistency is better. Injection ndfeb magnetic ring used in where? Direction is used in automobile engine oil filter, mainly used in automation equipment, sensors, permanent magnet dc motor, axial flow fan, HDD drive spindle motor, frequency conversion air conditioning, motor, instrument motor, etc. PS: injection NdFeB magnet has the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, can be a integrated and other parts, high cost performance, but the corrosion resistance of injection NdFeB surface coating or plating is low. Ricky injection magnetic card products section: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin/chanpin_232_1. HTML related injection ndfeb articles recommendation: look at the drawings suspected bonded ndfeb, after receipt of the samples was injection ndfeb injection ndfeb magnets performance parameters of the table: injection ndfeb injection molding magnetic ndfeb characteristics
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