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What is the injection molding magnets? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
What is the injection molding magnets?   Injection molding magnets, magnetic powder and caking agent mixing granulation, and then after injection molding process is made of permanent magnet is called injection magnetic & ensp; Body.   Compared with other production process method of permanent magnet, injection molding has a unique and irreplaceable advantages.   First of all, as well as plastic products, injection molding can make complex shape of the magnets.   In addition, the injection molding process can use & other; Embedded molding & throughout; &ldquo,; Multi-step forming & throughout; &ldquo,; Many artifacts throughout the molding &; Way will magnet combined with other parts together forming, thereby saving the cost of secondary processing and assembly. Injection molding technology can produce isotropic magnet and can make the anisotropic magnets. Anisotropic magnets require additional magnetic field orientation during forming, make the magnetic powder in the molten state of the polymer has a certain orientation, namely orientation, multi-polar magnetization is able to be solved. Injection molding process makes the product has good consistency in size and performance.   In molding process, material under the powerful injection pressure at the highest state of concentration on the mold cavity completely fill, combined with the material contains thermoplastic binder, make the magnet is of good physical and mechanical degree and the compatibility with magnetic powder.   Temperature characteristic: the highest use temperature of the injection molding magnets depends on its use of magnetic powder and binder. For example, ferrite powder and nylon 6 or PPS composite can pass the test of 180 ℃. And nylon 12 above 170 ℃ in the melt, so if the magnet design using temperature over 150 ℃, nylon 12 is not recommended. To have high magnetic energy product of ndfeb magnetic powder, for example, if its talents and coercive force of 9500 oster ( 760 ka /米) , no matter use which kinds of binder, under the condition of more than 120 ℃, the magnetic properties of the material appears irreversible loss significantly.   Dimensional accuracy: due to the injection molding product is consistent with the injection mold cavity on the size, so can control product size precision is relatively high. In addition, the material of the binder in the cooling shrinkage can cause the change of the product size, the degree of shrinkage depends on the thickness and appearance of the product. The typical size tolerance for: & plusmn; 0. 05mm。 The principle of injection molding: & ensp; Injection molding is a kind of injection molding and molding method, also called injection molding [ 36] , is a polymer composition of granule or powder material in the cylinder is put in the injection machine, after heating, compression, shear, mixing and conveying, uniformity of material and melt, then with the aid of piston or screw to melt good pressure on the polymer melt, melt through the nozzle and the mould gating system into closed in advance of good low temperature in the cavity, the final cooling finalize the design, open mold have a certain geometry and precision of the products.
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