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What is the distinguishing feature of bonded ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-04-27
What is the distinguishing feature of bonded ndfeb magnet? Bonded ndfeb magnets because it is by injection molding, thus containing adhesive, which generally only eighty percent theoretical density. And through the complex process of sintered ndfeb magnet heating, and so on magnetism, bonded ndfeb sintered ndfeb relative attenuation is about thirty percent. Sintered ndfeb is produced by powder sintering method of anisotropic magnets. Generally after sintering can only produce a blank, after machining ( Such as wire cutting and slicing, grinding, etc. ) To become various shapes of magnets. Sintered ndfeb is difficult machining of brittle materials, processing loss is big, in the process of the high cost, dimensional accuracy and more bad, corrosion resistance is poorer, also need plating surface treatment. But the advantage is high performance, has done more than 50 m. What is the distinguishing feature of bonded ndfeb magnet? Below is a small make up summary of five. 1, bonded ndfeb circle magnetic is much higher than ferrite; 2, bonded ndfeb circle due to a molding, without finishing, good dimensional accuracy in sintered ndfeb; 3, bonded ndfeb magnetization; circle can be multipolar 4, high working temperature, Tw = 150 ℃; 5, anti-corrosion performance is good; Application: used as car seat motor. Advantage: our company has its own mold workshop, ndfeb rings can provide complete according to the requirements of the rotor, stator components. Magnet, powerful magnets, special-shaped magnets, magnet manufacturer,
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