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What is the difference between the soft magnet and hard magnet? Watching you will understand

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Hard about soft magnet, magnet, there may be some friends heard, but it is not very clear, dongguan magnet manufacturer card today Ricky small make up to you in detail, believe that you'll understand when you finish. What is a soft magnet? What is hard magnet? Magnetic materials according to the ease of demagnetization after magnetization, can be divided into soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. Easy to remove after magnetization of magnetic material is called soft magnetic materials, of course, this kind of material is also easy to demagnetization. Not easy to demagnetization substance called hard magnetic materials. Usually soft magnet remanence small, hard magnet remanence is bigger. Mainly includes the soft magnet? More use in what aspects? Soft magnet mainly include soft magnetic core and silicon steel sheet, the two soft magnet is widely used for the access of the magnetic field lines, which is used as magnetic materials. Such as the iron core transformer, sensor, magnetic shielding cover, switching power supply, display, filter, special magnetic circuit yoke iron, etc. Hard magnet which basically include? Main application areas? Hard magnet is mainly nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, ndfeb and material such as iron oxide. Is mainly used in motor, electrical appliances, electronics, medical equipment, aerospace, intelligent household and other fields. Soft magnet and hard ( Yong) What is the difference between a magnet? 1, the name difference. Hard magnetic generally called permanent magnets, soft magnetic called magnetic core. 2, residual magnetism. Hard magnetic is remanent magnetism, soft magnetic remanence rarely. 3, USES the difference. Soft magnet after power, magnetic immediately disappear. After hard magnetic material without electricity, there will be a part of the magnetic stay, core has become a magnetic field, and is likely to be constantly changed the direction of the magnetic field, so that the transformer is a generator, and this part of the extra extra electricity will cause damage to other electrical appliances. So this is why the power transformer with a soft magnet instead of hard magnet. That is about soft magnet and the difference of hard magnet, ever solve your doubt? Related soft magnet and hard magnet articles; The magnet of permanent magnetic material and soft magnetic materials is introduced
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