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What is the difference between sintered ndfeb magnet bonded magnets and magnet?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Neodymium magnets, also known as ndfeb magnet, is a powerful magnet collectively, its chemical formula is Nd2Fe14B, is a kind of artificial permanent magnet, for so far has the strongest magnetic force of permanent magnet. Brand has N35 - ndfeb magnet materials N52; Which can be processed into different shapes according to the requirements of the specific shape, round, square, punching, magnetic tile, magnetic bar, or trapezoidal convex type, etc. What's the difference between the sintered magnets and bonded magnet? In fact the two are ndfeb magnet. These two kinds of magnet to distinguish the different division is according to their production process. Bonded ndfeb is actually by injection molding, and sintered ndfeb magnet is used to fit and then by heating and forming. Bonded ndfeb magnets because it is by injection molding, thus containing adhesive, which generally only eighty percent theoretical density. And through the complex process of sintered ndfeb magnet heating, and so on magnetism, bonded ndfeb sintered ndfeb relative attenuation is about thirty percent. Sintered ndfeb magnet is produced by powder sintering method of anisotropic magnets. Generally after sintering can only produce a blank, after machining ( Such as wire cutting and slicing, grinding, etc. ) To become various shapes of magnets. Sintered ndfeb is difficult machining of brittle materials, processing loss is big, in the process of the high cost, dimensional accuracy and more bad, corrosion resistance is poorer, ndfeb magnet surface need to electroplating processing. But the advantage is high performance, has done more than 50 m. Taken together, only about 5% of the sintered ndfeb magnet magnetic. The sintered ndfeb magnet magnetic energy product can reach more than 50 m, and bonded magnets in under 10 m, usually the best and only 12 m. Bonded magnets, magnetic powder used in the performance of the general is 15 m, bonded magnet after only up to 10. 文献。 So the scope of sintered ndfeb use more widely than bonded ndfeb. The last: ndfeb magnet manufacturers which good? Next article: abnormity magnet processing production mode have?
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